Crazy Fingers
Florida’s original Grateful Dead tribute since 1990

Marcus Rezaks’ SHRED IS DEAD
from California and SHREDDING the Dead like no other

BIG SHOES: A Tribute to Little Feat
a Georgia based band CRUSHING Little Feat, a super rare treat in FL

Dead Set Florida
Tampa Bay based GD Tribute that has energy like NO OTHER BAND AROUND)

Antelope: A Tribute to the band PHISH
The BEST Phish tribute in the United States

A Jerry Garcia Band tribute that is PHENOMENAL
Ft. members of Crazy Fingers

Gumbo: A Live PHISH Experience
Ft. Marcus Rezak, this band is FIRE. Seriously. FIRE FIRE

Alan Gilman String Band
A string quartet ft. Alan Gilman from Uncle John’s Band & Turner Moore from Ship of Fools, performing Old & In the Way

The Grateful Spread
Orlando’s FINEST GD Tribute, and an incredible KIND group of gents

Jerryland: A Tribute to the Jerry Garcia Band
Kicking off the event on Friday night!