Crazy Fingers
Florida’s original Grateful Dead tribute since 1990

Uncle John’s Band
Tampa Bay’s original Grateful Dead tribute since 1996

Marcus Rezaks’ SHRED IS DEAD
from California and SHREDDING the Dead like no other

BIG SHOES: A Tribute to Little Feat
a Georgia based band CRUSHING Little Feat, a super rare treat in FL

Dead Set Florida
Tampa Bay based GD Tribute that has energy like NO OTHER BAND AROUND)

Antelope: A Tribute to the band PHISH
The BEST Phish tribute in the United States

A Jerry Garcia Band tribute that is PHENOMENAL
Ft. members of Crazy Fingers

Gumbo: A Live PHISH Experience
Ft. Marcus Rezak, this band is FIRE. Seriously. FIRE FIRE

Alan Gilman String Band
A string quartet ft. Alan Gilman from Uncle John’s Band & Turner Moore from Ship of Fools, performing Old & In the Way

The Grateful Spread
Orlando’s FINEST GD Tribute, and an incredible KIND group of gents

Jerryland: A Tribute to the Jerry Garcia Band
Kicking off the event on Friday night!